Wednesday, 26 January 2011, my cyberspace second home...

If you have any interest whatsoever about 'older' bikes - whether that be MTB or road bikes - then a visit to is certainly worthwhile.  Essentially a site for middle aged men like myself to indulge themselves in the sins of the steel, to rekindle unrequited showroom desires of yesterday, or indeed potter around in a huge online shed with a number of like-minded beings safe in the knowledge that a fetish for Shimano Deer Head rear mechs will be catered for and indeed celebrated, it's my second home.  Every month members are given the opportunity to show off their pride and joy (or the degrees in which they have slunk down the OCD road, if you will) in the 'Bike Of The Month' thread.  Basically a self congratulatory episode in any retro lovers life in which you grasp any 'nice bike' or 'loving those bear cages' comment as if spoken by the deity himself. This month I have put my beloved 30 quid find Claud Butler Canyon up for scrutiny so hoping to feel the benefits of a good ego massage very soon.  Go have a look at all the other fantastic machines in this month's poll. It will have you reaching for the Friday Ad in no time.

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